Shulchan Yarok Green Table: A Jewish CSA @ the JCC

The Dayton JCC will be hosting an exciting new program this summer, Shulchan Yarok, a Jewish CSA! Shuchan Yarok translates to “Green Table, and yarok can also be translated as “vegetables”. ":What’s a CSA?", you may be wondering. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is a cooperative partnership between a farmer and a group of people who agree to pre-purchase a share of the farmers produce for an entire season.

Shattering a Deadly Taboo in Bosnia

Growing up in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nela Hasic never heard the words “breast” and cancer” together. It just wasn’t discussed. But she saw the terrible effects of hiding the disease. The lack of health education in schools. The taboos surrounding women’s health issues.

“Women were forced to waste their energy covering up their pain and sickness rather than on helping themselves get better. They had access to some doctors, but not emotional support and information,” Nela says.