Cathy's Whim - True Confession

I have a confession to make ~ I LOVE sports. Like millions of Americans, I can be found enthusiastically watching a football game or basketball game on a Sunday afternoon. And let me tell you - I can really get into a game. If you think about it, being a sports fan and being a part of a community like ours have a lot of similarities.

Cathy's Whim - Warm Chanukah Memories

Next Tuesday, December 12th, Jewish families across the world will gather around the Chanukah menorah, say prayers, light candles, and enjoy delicious latkes and sufganiyot (Hebrew for doughnuts) to commemorate the first night of Chanukah. Some in the secular world view Chanukah as a major holiday, since it falls around the same time as Christmas. Although Chanukah is not a major holiday, it can have a huge impact on the lives of children who celebrate it. Two people whose lives were impacted significantly tell their stories below. Spoiler alert – one of the stories is mine.

Cathy's Whim - Giving Back In A Big Way

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday. Started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, Giving Tuesday was created in response to the commercialization and consumerism of the post-Thanksgiving season. 


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