Cathy's Whim - Hitting the Mark

Hopefully you have received your copy of our new publication, Jewish Dayton Magazine, in the mail (if you haven’t, you should receive it very soon!). This magazine was born out of the Jewish Dayton Dreams Big visioning project. We wanted a place to talk about the amazing programs we offer, and highlight our wonderful Jewish community. 

Cathy's Whim - A True Mentor

It’s hard to believe that five years ago this month, I began working as CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton. I could have never imagined then how many wonderful people I would have the privilege of getting to know, and how many incredible friendships I would form. One of the friendships I hold dearest is with former Federation CEO Peter Wells.

Cathy's Whim - True Confession

I have a confession to make ~ I LOVE sports. Like millions of Americans, I can be found enthusiastically watching a football game or basketball game on a Sunday afternoon. And let me tell you - I can really get into a game. If you think about it, being a sports fan and being a part of a community like ours have a lot of similarities.


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